Renovating Bathroom Decor – How to Add Value to Your Home

Renovating Bathroom Tips are everywhere. In fact when I first started searching for methods to decorate my bathroom I spent a lot of time looking for a bathroom remodeling information on the web. I also spent a lot of time flipping through home decorating magazines. I tried searching at”bath and body” magazines, but they concentrated more on how to incorporate new features to your shower rather than how to renovate your bath. I had a plan of action.

Renovating Bathroom Tips
Once I got fed up with going down to the Bathroom Renovation Thomastown Depot and looking at all these different parts of toilet furniture, I determined it was time to do some thing about my toilet. So I started researching what others had done when they wanted to remodel their bathroom. The majority of them had made enormous changes, removing all of the tubs, vanities, cabinets and tiling in the room but for the floor. This was a radical change, but it actually added character to the space.

I took my measurements, seen some fantastic suggestions on toilet flooring and decided to start renovating my bathroom. Below are some of the things which I did: Rebuilt the bathtub rather than buying a new one, because I had one that was in poor shape. Decided on a brand new vanity sink with an integrated cabinet rather than buying one individually. Added wall art and tile to my walls, shifted the light fittings around, changed out the tiles in the bathroom from grout to ceramic ones and also added a brand new faucet.

I also refaced my older shower stall, which was leaking. I used my bathroom builder buddy’s plumbing understanding and did the job myself in two days. After I finished the project I was so glad I had the confidence to tackle such a big job .

Now my bathroom is one of my favourite rooms in the home. My husband even says that it is nicer than his own bathroom! The money I saved on replacing all the other bathrooms helped me redesign my toilet. Here’s what I did to increase the worth of the room:

Installed a brand new shower faucet using an LED light. Installed new tiles within the bathtub, shower and walls. Replaced the light fixture over the bathtub with a fixture that adds lighting to my toilet. I love the LED lighting it gives my toilet. Installed new cupboards in my bath with spacious shelving units and a medicine cupboard below.

Additionally, I added a rug into my bath. Including a rug into your bath will give it a fresh feel and prevent you from slipping on chilly climates when you have a spa. And do not be concerned about your kids stepping onto your rug because I have installed safety latches on all of my cabinets. I didn’t have the money to buy new rugs for each my rooms so I made do with ones that were not stained or damaged.

Renovating a bathroom is a lot of fun. My husband loved it as well and he uses it whenever he wishes to pamper himself. Our bathroom looks nicer and has added value to our property. I have a larger toilet, more usable space and a room to unwind once the mood strikes.

It’s a fantastic feeling to know that you’ve added value to your home by renovating the restroom. The toughest part was choosing the colors for your walls. I went through many different colors until I found one which was fantastic. I decided on colours that would be relaxing, relaxing and would not result in any health issues if I smoked. I chose two tones which complimented each other.

Next I cut off old wallpaper that covered some of the walls. I used a paint sprayer to examine the walls in alternating colors. I then painted the walls in coordinating paint colors. We did not have wallpaper but we discovered faux background at one of the local craft stores.

Finally I added a new mirror and artwork to the walls. The art was a frame I made myself from a picture I took while on holiday. The painting was a Christmas present, my mother gave me and that I hung it over the bathtub. The result was such a joy. Renovating bath rooms should be a fun job where families can get together and do something they’ll enjoy.